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Our Families Testimonials

We LOVE our families! They truly are extensions of us!

Wow! This was an amazing experience! Wendi is just fantastic! She is very caring and responsive and is in this business for all the right reasons.  When I met her, it was very clear to me that she is an animal advocate and runs her business in a caring, humane and loving way.  We are totally in love with our new little girl Anya! She is the sweetest and most loving dog! It is obvious that she was raised in a very loving home and she is potty trained (not a single accident in our home), is healthy, sleeps through the night and loves to snuggle and play...


 I cannot describe the happiness felt by choosing Smart Shih Tzu. Wendy answered every question I had from start and just being informed and involved throughout the entire process has really made this a special experience for my family and I. I know our Willow will be a spectacular addition to our family as she was brought into this world by a fabulous, caring breeder! thank you soooooo much Wendy! P.S. I live over 4 hours away so that should say something right there.

Wendy was a pleasure to work with! She is very knowledgable and so loving! We love our little Piper and highly recommend her! This should be five stars!!

Was a great experience! Our little Ruby is a sweetheart and the process with Smart Shih Tzu was great!

5 stars
We got our handsome puppy Tucker from the Smarts.  He has added so much joy to our family. The Smarts let us visit as often as we wanted from the time he was born until the day we took him home. They give such good care to their puppies.  Because of the great care he got for the first 7 weeks the transition into our home was real easy for him. He got so much socialization and love and even knew his own name before we brought him home.  We could not have found a better breeder whom love their precious puppies as much as the Smarts.

We are so in love with our little Ollie.. Wendi is absolutely a wonderful caring breeder.  We were and are so impressed with Smart Shitzu:) When we are ready for our next fur baby we will definitely be getting in touch with Wend!!

Short review: we absolutely loved working with Wendy and will continue to do so.  She was fantastic through the process and I'd highly recommend her.

Long review:

I cannot say enough good things about Smart Shih Tzu and the Smart family.  We were introduced to them when we watched a friend share picture as they went through the process go getting a puppy.  I followed the page and it was immediately evident how much they loved, not only the puppies, but all of their dogs.

I have always had Shih Tzu's and love their demeanor.  We had had recently to put down one of our two dogs and I reached out to Wendy as she was putting together a waiting list. 

Shortly after, she posted that they were actually going to re-home one of the moms, who was 4. She said that they believed that the dogs should be able to have a furever home and long enough to enjoy it.  I think it speaks volumes about her values and the type of breeder that she is.  We decided that, since we already had a 4 y/o Shih Tzu, that it made perfect sense to bring in Tiara who is about the same age.

I can only imagine how hard it as been on Wendy and her family to re-home a dog they had for 4 years.  We tried to be conscious of that through the process.  Tiara is settling in beautifully and our family has fell in love with her.

I can not recommend Wendy and Smart Shih Tzu highly enough.

5 stars
Our dog Gizmo is super sweet and has a lot of personality already! Wendi let us meet him and spend some time playing with him before putting down a deposit. Her home is very nice, well-kept and I can tell she is super sweet with the pups and takes very good care of them. She's so warm and friendly and was willing to answer any questions I had throughout the day on messenger. I highly recommend getting a puppy from Smart Shih Tzu!

5 stars
So happy to have found Smart Shih Tzu. It was very apparent from the first day I brought Daisy home that she had been cared for in a great home.  She had such a sweet personality and isn't afraid to play with anyone!  Wendi was great about answering all of my puppy questions and let me stop by and visit whenever I wanted prior to bringing Daisy home.  Would highly recommend Smart Shih Tzu:)

We just brought home the cutest little Teacup Shih Tzu (Toby) from Smart Shih Tzu's.  I am so glad we found Wendi. She is so caring and a wonderful breeder.  We visited Toby almost every week from the time he was just 5 days old. It was a wonderful experience.  He is the happiest little puppy and very healthy.  I am so thankful we found Smart Shih Tzu's.

5 stars
We bought our Shih Tzu puppy from Wendi and our puppy is perfect! Wendi is a wonderful person who loves puppies and takes such good care of them and their mama.  Our Shih Tzu is exceptionally pretty and we are so glad we got her.

5 stars
Smart Shih-tzu is a very good breeder! Very trustworthy, sends pics all the time of your baby.  I bought my Maddie from her almost a year ago.  Best puppy ever! I would definitely buy again when I need another shih-tzu! Love this family.

5 stars
Wendi was absolutely wonderful to work with & we couldn't have asked for a more perfect puppy, we love our little Millie.

5 Stars
We are so happy with our Munchkin! Wendi sent us pictures and let us come see her throughout the week. Our puppy is very healthy and happy. We are so fortunate to be able to add Munchkin into our family. THANK YOU WENDI!

5 stars

Smart Shih Tzu let me and my family come play with our every week until we brought him home. That was so precious for us.  This was our first pet, and Smart Shih Tzu was very helpful with advise. Our little guy is healthy (per vet) and happy, and has adjusted to us and his new home better than I anticipated. He is super playful and frisky, but also very affectionate and loves to cuddle. He  has a  wonderful temperament. 

Also, Smart Shih Tzu trains the puppies with potty pads. His bladder is little, and doesn't have a lot of control yet, but he still manages to mostly go on his potty pad- very impressive! I highly recommend Smart Shih Tzu.

We are so in love with our precious little Hazel! Wendi was wonderful to work with and made such a special process for my son and I. We loved all the weekly update and appreciated being welcomed into her home to visit our baby girl. Hazel came home knowing her name, sleeping well, and using potty pad most of the time on her own! Vet sys she is healthy and we couldn't be happier with our choice to purchase from smart Shih Tzu!

Even before he was born, he had our hearts.  Wendi and her familiar so generous to let us be as involved as we wanted to in our puppy's life right from birth.  It was so great watch Fritz from and get to visit when he was small.  The pups are raised in a loving home, handled by adults and children, and thus get a great head start on socializing and being a great family pet.  We have had young puppies before and Fritz is , by FAR, the easiest to transition to our home.  He is healthy and happy and I have great piece of mind in the way Fritz was brought into this world.  Luck is the only thing to call it that we found the Smarts, but we recommend them as breeders to anyone for sure!

Our family had a fantastic experience with Wendi!  I highly recommend her as a breeder, as she made the whole process easy, fun, and always kept us in the loop with puppy updates and adorable pictures.  We couldn't be happier with Smart Pomskies!

Love my dog and the customer service was excellent!!!

We have known the Smart's for 6 years and have seen them breed and raise Shih Tzu's over the years, and now Pomskies. These dogs come from a loving home and are so well cared for.  The hard work and knowledge Wendi has for these dogs is wonderful.  You can't go wrong getting a pup from Smart Shih Tzu's, Smart Pomskies.

Dani Karr

Great dogs with a great pedigree from a loving home.  We are so excited to bring our beautiful girl home.  More to come!

Jacob Karr

What a great experience! Wendi and her family are so sweet and they really truly care about the dogs.  We just brought our Kola home and the whole experience has been wonderful, through out the whole process Wendi kept us updated with weight and pictures and videos!  It was great to know that we could trust her and she trusted us, it made the experience even better and we never felt like we were just a customer!  Thanks for taking such great care of the pups 10/10 recommend her if you are looking for a furry friend.`

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