• Wendi Smart

Pomsky Perfection

We have a crazy amazing litter that we are obsessed with! Suki knocked it out of the park! All husky marked perfection. Some of them are by far Suki's smallest puppies ever to date. We have parentage tests sent in for the Daddy element as she was dual studded this litter. Either way it goes....Kiska or Klondike these puppies are incredible. There are 3 girls and 2 boys available.

Puppies definitely could be Dd Bb....and depending on Dad DUPDUP

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I have two gorgeous perfectly marked girls available they carry for red and blue and are incredible blue eyed babies. I also have one splash baby boy with one brown eye one parti eye available. ALL

I have black and white husky marked all blue eyed from Kiska and Suki litter....two boys and one girl left....go home date is December 15th;) I have one blue masked merle male with blue eyes charting

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