• Wendi Smart

No longer raising Shih Tzu

Right now we have decided it was time to retire our amazing stud Hartley and to let Sapphire have an amazing pet life. Everly also was granted the forever pet life and we have decided the Pomsky life is easier farm life and are better suited to the weather etc that we get at the base of this mountain. One day we might add them back into rotation but for now we are raising Pomskies. We are members of POA and PBA and all of our parent dogs are embarked.

We currently have 3 amazing Pomskies available due to unfortunate circumstances on behalf of their new owners that were matched with them so I have two amazing boys and one little girl for amazing deals. All blue eyes and all husky marked. Amazing!

We also have a surprise litter coming up!

Stay tuned and reach me if interested!

515-423-5610 I live in Idaho but have kept my Iowa number.

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