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My hubby accepted a call to Coeur d’Alene Idaho yesterday and so we will be moving there July 19th. We will be same people raising same quality dogs in the same way:) same weekly updates care and love —just different location! I love that many of you wanted to stay on my puppy lists and have chosen to drive for their puppy or flight nanny it home as they wanted a puppy from us still! God is certainly blessing that way! I will be able to service both areas really well still and if you want to be on my list now is a good time do get a prepaid deposit in to hold your spot!

For my Shih Tzu I have first spot (after possible Breeder hold) deposited on for both my girls for their next litters (their lists are never open so now is time to get on!)

For my pomskies I have one spot deposited on for Suki puppy due August 4-8. Koala’s first time breeding is coming up soon! Great time to get a spot!

My Dad is going to work with me in nanny service and I’m beyond thrilled as I got my love for animals from my parents so I know the puppy in transport will be getting the highest quality of care on flight:) that so comforts my heart!

I love my families and I love word of mouth and return referrals. Thank you for being a follower and puppy family member with us on this journey. When God calls we follow🙏🏼♥️

Prayers for transition appreciated.

Love to you all!♥️ excited to continue serving you and sharing life with our puppy families:)

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