Blue girl Koala due October 23

She’s amazing .... kiska x Koala babies coming up soon!!! reach me to get on her list! 515-423-5610

3 more pomsky babes available

Two spots are paid on Suki x Kiska litter I have 3 more spots only left! It’s one crazy amazing litter. Reach me! puppy choosing is at 4...


Suki x Kiska puppies will be here soon! Her temp has dropped into the 99 degree range and she has cut way back on eating! 🙏🏼♥️ Time to...

Suki due soon

On our pomsky side of things Suki and Kiska puppies are due August 4-8!! And her daughter koala should be in heat and bred very soon!!!...


Big changes for our family. We are currently on our 3 day road trip move to Coeur d’ Alene, ID. Talk about a puppy mobile lol. Praying...


BIG NEWS!!!! My hubby accepted a call to Coeur d’Alene Idaho yesterday and so we will be moving there July 19th. We will be same people...


Pomsky puppies coming!

All Puppies Currently SOLD

Pomsky side of the business:) Waiting list open for Suki/Kiska puppies.....they throw AMAZING puppies! Waiting list open for Koala...

We will have puppies soon!!!

Shih Tzu puppies from Sapphire and Hartley will be arriving in aprox. 8.5 weeks and we are getting excited around here for more puppies!...


Join the waiting list NOW to secure your spot! Kiska and Suki puppies are up next! You don't wanna miss this pairing!

Only TWO puppies left!

Two gorgeous cream colored male Pomskies are currently ready for deposit hold....cannot wait to see them with their eyes open and watch...

Due Date for Suki;)

getting exciting around here...x-ray shows 6 puppies on the way.....anytime now:). Prayers are appreciated:)

New Logo ready:)

So excited for our logo to be done:) I drew the pictures and my friend Lindy Vorrie, a graphic designer digitized everything nicely for me:)