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We have and have kept a 5 star rating in Des Moines and now have MOVED to Rathdrum Idaho, and have been breeding the past 8 years!...and yes we are proud of that!!! We DO still service Iowa via flight nanny, so still have many clients there. Our Pomsky parents are EMBARKED! We are also members of POA and PBA and our puppies will be registered as both. We are also Good Dog approved!

We WILL be breeding AKC French Bulldogs soon! Stay tuned! We are an AKC approved home in good standing for past 8 years!

*** We CURRENTLY have a gorgeous litter of Pomskies born on October 20th...3 girls and 2 boys.  The girls are Suki's smallest ever puppies. This litter is amazing perfectly marked and I am CRAZY proud of them! Message me for details.

Our 11 lb Blue Merle girl is paired with our Lavie stud and they had 4 gorgeous puppies.  The one girl of the litter is a blue merle pied and there are two blue masked merle boys and one boy that color and availability are to be determined.  This is a true MICRO litter! Attention breeders!!!!!! these boys are incredible for any program! 

UPDATE: one blue merle boy left and one blue merle pied girl both blue eyes!

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Daily updates on litters here!!!!


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Smart Pomskies

We raise Pomskies in Rathdrum Idaho. My hubby is a Pastor and I enjoy helping him and get to raise these amazing pups.  All pups are born and raised in our home! We are gearing up to also raise Frenchies soon!


Past Puppies

We love our families and updates!

Since their very first breaths... to leaving our home your puppy is loved and played with and cared for.  We miss them when they leave, and try to adjust ahead of time to the fact that they are being well prepared for someone else's home.  We love updates and pictures as you love your new forever friend!


This is Koala, our 15 lb blue girl she throws amazing small Pomskies all perfectly marked and both her litters have had 100 percent blue eyes! Wooly perfection!  So proud of this mommy!


Located in West Des Moines

Rathdrum Idaho


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We are proud to be members of the Pomsky Owners Association & Pomsky Breeder Association and our puppies will be registered as both.


We are proud to also be members of the Pomsky Breeder Association and our puppies will be registered as both.